Workshop Description

In January, sun returns to Lofoten islands and will rise slightly above horizon providing many hours of beautiful soft light every landscape photographer is dreaming of! During the dark nights, we will hunt the Northern lights – likeliness is high that we will be successful during that time of the year.

We will stay in traditional fisher huts in Hamnøy (close to Reine) in the most Southern part of Lofoten, and we will find most attractive scenery right outside our front door.

Scenery is dramatic – rough mountains rising steep from the long fjords, beautiful beaches – Lofoten is a dream location for any landscape photographer, and we are more than happy to share our knowledge with you in this Northern part of Norway.

Workshop Details

Date  Jan 19 – 25, 2016
Type  Landscape, Nature, Northern Lights
Location  Lofoten
Participants max. 3
Photo Guides  Jens
Language  German/English
Fee  890 €


We will choose accomodation that is typical for the country we’re visiting. All places are carefully selected to allow for best overall experience. Our photo adventure starts right outside the front door.


Date & Duration

The workshop takes place during Northern lights season. As we will spend an entire week at Lofoten, the likeliness to observe Northern lights is pretty high – let’s hope for clear skies!

Group Size & Price

The workshop fee is reasonably low given the small group size. We will have sufficient opportunity and time to guide every workshop participant individually and develop photographic skills further.


Sun will be shining from approx. 10:15 am to 2:30 pm. Our main focus will be on photographing landscapes during sunset. During the nights we will watch out for Northern lights.

Tour Details

We will meet at Leknes, Lofoten, Tuesday evening, and will take our rental car to head towards beautiful Reine. During the entire workshop, we will stay in local fisher huts close by.

From Wednesday until Sunday we will take photos of the most beautiful landscapes from sunrise to sunset (if weather conditions permit). We will visit the famous beaches of Skagsanden, Ramberg, Utakleiv and Haukland. If conditions support we can also include Kvalvika, Bunes and Horseid beach. The visit of the wooden church of Gimsøy will be another highlight of our workshop.

In the late evening hours, we will watch out for Northern lights that are likely to be visible in case of clear skys.

Our accomodation is located in one of the most scenic areas of Lofoten, so we can start photographing right outside the front door of our traditional fisher huts.


  • Photo workshop at Lofoten
    during day time from arrival to departure
  • Northern light photography
    during night time during our stay in case of visible aurora borealis
  • All travel at Lofoten
    (starting from/ending at airport Leknes)


  • Flights to/from Lofoten
    However, we will support you in selecting the best flights, but you will have to book them on your own. (Average cost for a return flight from Frankfurt is around 480 €.)
  • Accomodation at Lofoten
    We will support you with your bookings. We expect the total fee to be around 450 € for six nights (based on single room occupancy, shared bath rooms).
  • Meals and drinks during the stay

…to express everything with only a few words: simply impossible! Lofoten are breathtaking! The workshop was perfectly organized from arrival until departure, and I learned a lot with regard to using filters in landscape photography. Big thanks for this great experience, Jens, and hopefully I will be able to join one of your upcoming workhops again!

Klaus Porada

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