NOV 1, 2016


In Reykjavík area


Uniquely combined as only Iceland allows


Join this exclusive workshop experience!

Workshop Description

Do you happen to be in Iceland the first week of November 2016 – maybe because you will attend Iceland Airwaves, one of the most exciting music festivals worldwide? Are you interested in people photography and would like to work with an Icelandic model in Icelandic scenery but don’t have the contacts? Would you love to combine unique people and landscape photography in an environment that only Iceland can offer? Are you looking for a professional teacher who will bring your people photography skills to the next level within only a couple of hours? Then this one is exactly for you!

Workshop Details

Date  Nov 1, 2016
Type  People
Location  Reykjavík, Iceland
Participants 3
Photo Guide  Jens
Language  German/English
Fee  240 €

The Workshop

We will work with an experienced Icelandic model in most beautiful scenery right outside Reyjkavík. Included are pick-up and drop-off in Reyjkavík, drive to the countryside, 3 hours of workshop.


Date & Duration

We will shoot in the afternoon of November 1, 2016 from 2 pm until sunset around 5 pm. Workshop fee will be refunded in case weather conditions don’t allow for a shooting.

Group Size & Price

We will allow for three participants only in this workshop. You will receive guidance and instructions tailored to meet your personal demand. Workshop fee is 240 EUR.


In winter light is very special in Iceland. While our main focus will be on people photography you will also benefit from getting to know some of the most beautiful scenery in Reykjavík area.

Workshop Details

We will meet on Tuesday, November 1, 2016, in Reykjavík, and take our car to drive to the countryside.

From 2 – 5 pm, we will conduct the people photography workshop with an Icelandic model. During the workshop, we will cover the following aspects of people photography:

  • How do I interact with a model?
  • How to select the right aperture?
  • The secret of ‘sharp’ portraits
  • Image composition and framing
  • Leveraging natural light

Around 5 pm, we will drive back to Reykjavík where we will arrive around 6 pm.


  • People photography workshop in Iceland
    on Nov 1, 2016, from 1 pm (pick-up) to 6 pm (drop-off)
  • Portrait photography
    from approx. 2 – 5 pm the same day
  • All travel
    starting from/ending at Reykjavík
  • Model release
    (non-commercial usage of photos)


  • Flights to/from Iceland
  • Accomodation in Iceland

Counting the days








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