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I learned about Jens and the workshops in a serendipitous way: browsing 500px.com and seeing one of his shots from Lofoten. clicked on it, just curious to see where was taken and the rest is now ...history. I contacted Jens and expressed my interest but also my mixed feelings regarding such a guided trip, as I do believe that the thrill of taking a great shot is, at least in some respect, the discovery of the place, the time for the best light, etc. Anyway, in retrospect, I think a guided trip with somebody as experienced as Jens, with a deep understanding and appreciation of the place, is a great way of discovering new shores. I could write many pages on my experience but if I would to practice brevity I would sum up my experience in one word: AWESOME. Italians have a beautiful word for Jens style (well, the way I perceive it anyway): sprezzatura, meaning effortless excellence. I am sure there was a lot of work behind everything, from reservations, to finding places, routes, keeping an eye on weather, light, Auroras forecast, all of us, looking always fresh despite driving hundreds of kilometers, cooking and keeping everybody engaged and on time. However, it seemed (from the passenger's seat anyway) effortless! Did I mentioned him teaching in any way possible: by example, by stories, by doing it, while driving, you name it! A fair warning though about a side effect of the trip: you might enjoy shooting from a tripod! The people in our group were vastly different in terms of experience but I think we each learned something from Jens. I felt that, in a gentle way, Jens pushed us beyond our comfort zones and helped us discover another way of doing things, another perspective, another way of appreciating light, landscape, motion. I don't think there is a better way of wrapping up this brief description of my experience, discovering and photographing in the Lofoten islands, than by thanking Jens (and my fellow travelers and photographers) for a one of a kind experience. Can’t wait for the next one!

Dorin Todor

Lofoten | April 2018

Thanks so much for a wonderful and unforgettable vacation. We were taken care of in a wonderful and familiar atmosphere and were provided with an allround carefree package. Having two guides allowed for receiving optimal assistance. Upon arrival we were provided hands-on ideas, location specific tips and guidance at each location. Our guides continued to be around while we were searching for our own perspectives and offered their help with regard to technical aspects or composition. If compatibility allowed we were also benefitting from some rental equipment we could use free of charge. As there had only been six particpants the entire trip felt like a family excursion – this was true during the time we were driving to the various spots but also during the evenings when we enjoyed a joint dinner and disucssed tips and tricks related to Lightroom/Photoshop post processing. I can only recommend the participation in such a workshop to everybody. I for sure will come back in the near future to join one of the upcoming workshops – thanks again to both of you!

Susann Ulmer

Lofoten | January 2017


At the end of an intense internet research I ended up at schieflicht.de. The posted workshop description sounded very attractive to me, and my expectations were fulfilled to a large extent. Jens and Sven had always been next to me to provide help and advice, so I learned a lot during the workshop, specifically with regard to the handling of various filters and image composition. We were also blessed with Northern lights during one of the evenings, and they lasted until late into the night. I appreciated very much that Jens offered me a pair of replacement trousers once I had – accidentially – taken an arctic bath. What else should be mentioned? I learned a lot in the evenings when we jointly discussed our photographic results next to the great meals prepared by our chef Sven. The overall atmosphere was amazing. We laughed a lot about various topics and incidents – we’ve always been at the right time at the right place with you as well! Thanks again and looking forward to another workshop to join in the future!

Helmut Flatscher

Lofoten | January 2017

Our workshop guides Jens and Sven exceeded my expecations by far. Why? Next to the well known photogenic spots, they brought us to secret places not listed in any travel guide. On location, they provided us with all required details to create the 'perfect' photo. They were approachable at any time and provided meaningful tips and tricks (incl. how to do a proper sensor cleaning). They also helped out in case of equipment shortages. In addition, I really liked the open atmosphere during the workshop - we all laughed a lot! I would recommend workshops conducted by Jens and Sven at any time and would like to express a big 'thank you' to both of them!

Holger Neuert

Iceland | November 2015

The decision to participate in your Lofoten photo workshop was taken spontaneously when looking for tips and tricks around usage of neutral density filters in landscape photography. Once decided I invested more time in preparation of the travel than usual, and with that my expectations were respectively high. To cut it short: they were met! I learned a lot during the workshop. You answered all my questions in a very knowledgable and professional manner and provided on-site guidance regarding the camera setup at each location. Your knowledge about the best photo locations at Lofoten was extremely helpful in getting to the best places at the right time. The workshop was very well organized and accommodation was best in class. What else could I say? This was a wonderful and exciting (and also successful) hunt for Northern lights, and I really enjoyed the workshop and would love to join your for one of your upcoming trips to Iceland!

Lutz Herzog

Lofoten | January 2016

My sincere thanks for an unforgettable week! I had for sure huge expectations with regard to Iceland but have to admit that they were exceeded by far. You can't express the beauty of this country with words - Sven and Jens guided us to most impressive locations. During the first evening, we already experienced Northern lights - what could go wrong after such a start? The week was both informative and funny to me - I learned and laughed a lot! One really needs to experience such a workshop on its own. Remembering this week always brings a big smile back to my face - many thanks for this! ...and one thing is for sure: this was definitely not my last visit to Iceland!

Birgit Becker

Iceland | November 2015

Your photo workshop at Lofoten was awesome and I really enjoyed it! (I still can't stop laughing when remembering some of your comments during the workshop.) Thumbs up - I highly recommend your workshops!

Wei Zhu

Lofoten | February 2016

Thanks for a wonderful workshop end to end: starting with the great tips and tricks in advance of the workshop regarding accessories, a wisely chosen accommodation and your in-depth knowledge of Lofoten and the selection of best photo locations in combination with your guidance. Atmosphere during the workshop was always relaxed, and I enjoyed the workshop very much - I'll be glad to be back!

Simon Tacke

Lofoten | February 2016

It will still take some time until all impressions and photos of this wonderful workshop are sorted. Thanks to the always competent and helpful mentoring by our two pros every workshop participant managed to take outstanding photos. The locations we visited were terrific, and we avoided the beaten tourist tracks thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the country. Our group was colorful, and I enjoyed every single moment of this joint experience. I specifically liked the evening discussion of the photos we had taken and the competent and constructive feedback provided by our guides. Another workshop with Jens and Sven? I'll gladly be back!

Petra Haidn

Iceland | November 2015

...to express everything with only a few words: simply impossible! Lofoten are breathtaking! The workshop was perfectly organized from arrival until departure, and I learned a lot with regard to using filters in landscape photography. Big thanks for this great experience, Jens, and hopefully I will be able to join one of your upcoming workhops again!

Klaus Porada

Lofoten | February 2015

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